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Ronny Kobo is best known for her namesake collection of fashion-forward designs that are celebrated for their exotic prints and flattering shapes. Each piece within the collection is infused with Kobo’s signature sleek-sexy or bohemian-chic inspired detailing. Ronny is no novice within the fashion industry as she started an accessories line and ultimately launched Torn by Ronny Kobo, a contemporary women’s fashion brand, in 2009. Both of which were trendsetters at the time. She also held a prestigious position at the highly acclaimed Christie’s Auction House, where Kobo blossomed her creative abilities and fine-tuned her entrepreneurial skills. Originally from Tel Aviv, Ronny’s international upbringing exposed her to universal fashion influences at a young age. Her innate interest in fine art, travel and culture flourished and organically landed her in her hometown of New York City, where she graduated with a Master's degree from New York University.

Ronny’s incredible talent lies in choosing fabrics, sketching silhouettes and working with a seamstress to evoke an instant-cool to some of the most sought-after pieces. She has a cult-following on social media and is the go-to designer for globe-trotting women who want in on the secret fashion formula.

After years of traveling the world, exploring new places and collecting along the way, Ronny Kobo has decided to share her keen eye for comprising adventures and treasured vintage finds with enthusiasts like herself. Each hand-chosen luxurious piece lends a bit of edge to high-fashion and redefines the modern woman.

“I like mixing up new pieces with vintage finds and having fun with what I wear”.

The soulful designer speaks English, Hebrew and Spanish and continues to explore new destinations as an avid traveler indulging her in an endless pursuit of inspiration.

“The woman I design for is confident, worldly and sexy with a fabulous sense of humor and imagination.”

The Ronny Kobo collection can be found in department stores and upscale boutiques all around the world.