Unplugged: A Visit to WeCareSpa

I lead a life that most would consider unconventional. Between the brand’s international photoshoots, activation trips, long days spent in our Garment District design studio, and back-to-back meetings in our showroom, I’m usually go-go-go without any time to decompress. 

I won’t lie…as much as I love my lifestyle, it can be taxing and overwhelming. After NYFW, I made a promise to myself that I would take a couple days off to reset. I knew I needed to get out of New York City in order to fully feel refreshed and rested. After a lot of research and recommendations, I landed on WeCareSpa, a wellness retreat center in Palm Springs (1.5 hours from Los Angeles) that offers an amazing breadth of programs: wellness plans, detox diets, spa treatments, cleanses, education on the importance of detox + anti-inflammatory treatments, and healing installations. 

By the end of the retreat, a lightbulb went off. As much as I loved all the healing experiences and the transformation I felt in my body and mind after just a few days there, the realization I had by the end of the retreat was the most valuable lesson I took away from the experience. I realized that self-care is not something that we can do once a year and expect it to make our worries disappear. Self care is a lifelong journey, a 24/7 investment, and a straight ladder to self love. It’s a mindset, a way of life, and an eternal work in progress. Our holistic health is the single most important thing we can pour our energy into. 

Society puts so much pressure on women to “do it all” and “have it all” – a flourishing career, an impeccable body, a loving family and home, a lucrative side hustle…the list goes on.  Until I zoomed out and took a couple days to focus on me, I didn’t even realize how much that societal pressure was impacting me. If this candid journal entry even convinces one go-go-go woman out there to prioritize self-love and rest without guilt, I’ll consider this post a success. 

I am so grateful for WeCareSpa, who went above and beyond to make sure my experience was truly transformative spiritually, mentally, and physically. 

“Wherever the art of medicine is loved, there is also a love of humanity.”

xx, Ronny