NYFW: It Takes a Village

Photography – Sofia Alvarez | Hats – Gladys Tamez | Wigs – Dov Hair
Photography – Sofia Alvarez
Photography – Sofia Alvarez
Photography – Sofia Alvarez

Just last month, our team put on a massive production and kicked off our post-pandemic in person bounceback in a BIG way. We displayed our coveted AW21 collection at Revolve’s NYFW Gallery. The outpouring of love and support has been absolutely overwhelming and I have never been more proud

I have always been a believer that fashion is more than what meets the eye, thus why I curated the NYFW presentation around the theme of Reflection.Our Fall line was designed during the pandemic, so we had to strike the balance of representing the new way of life but also making it fashion.When we look in the mirror, what usually comes to mind? How do I look? Am I beautiful? How do I appear to the outside world? But the truth is, looking at ourselves is about so much more than just assessing our appearance-it’s about who we want to be and what we want to feel like. We often forget that the universe is one giant life-sized mirror. Our character, our soul, our action, our intention….allget reflected back to us as we walk through life. The more often we look at ourselves in the mirror of life and reflect on who we are, the closer we get to becoming the people we strive to be.

"The beauty you see in others is a reflection of the beauty inside yourself"

Seeing my Reflection vision manifested as a beautiful multi-mirrored maze with an 80s flair in Revolve Gallery was absolutely unforgettable. I poured my heart into making this more than just a presentation…it was a true experience and an expression of how I felt while designing it. 

I want to extend my deepest appreciation to all our partners, who went above and beyond to help make our first NYFW flawless. 

To the Revolve team: Mike, Raissa, Lauren, and Cori – thank you for supporting my brand vision. 

To the LolaWorks team: Hope, Million, and Michael – thank you for telling my story and creating such innovative content. 

To the Blue Revolver team: Bree, Ro, and Michal – thank you for bringing my vision to life on such a massive scale. 

To Jonathon Beck: thank you for pushing the boundaries and curating such a standout space for us. 

Shoes – Paris Texas 
Hats – Gladys Tamez 
Sunglasses - Illesteva 
Wigs – Dov Hair 
Creative – Simon Elmalem 
Styling – Britt Theodora 
Photography – Sofia Alvarez 

& last but certainly not least, thank you to the RK team – none of this would have been possible without my Ronny Kobo family. 

xx, Ronny