At Home Series with WISHI Founder Clea O'Hana

Photography: Or Rosenberg | Wearing: Ronny Kobo's Jessy Vest and Ronny Slouchy
Photography: Or Rosenberg | Wearing: Ronny Kobo's Calen Blazer
Photography: Or Rosenberg | Wearing: Ronny Kobo's Calen Blazer and Bobby Set and 90'S Trouser - Grey
Photography: Or Rosenberg | Wearing: Ronny Kobo's Ronaldo Dress
Photography: Or Rosenberg | Wearing: Ronny Kobo's Calen Blazer and Bobby Set and 90'S Trouser - Grey
Photography: Or Rosenberg | Wearing: Ronny Kobo's Ronaldo Dress

How do you use new technologies to stay competitive?

We have an exceptional team of very talented product specialists, engineers, and data
scientists from all over the world - they’re always at the forefront of industry advancements and the latest innovations. We also leverage 5 years of data from building the Wishi consumer app and really understanding what resonates with the end customer.

What inspired you to start your business, and how do you differentiate your brand from others similar in the industry?

I was inspired to start Wishi because I saw a real pain point in the market for finding the relevant pieces a customer wanted to buy and was Likely to buy. There was so much room for a product that would match consumers with the perfect inventory via style experts.

As a business owner, how do you stay updated on industry trends and innovations?

I am pretty on top of trends, make the time to educate myself via every channel possible. I.e.: listen to podcasts, share with industry experts, and participate in conferences.

Can you share a specific moment or decision that had a significant impact on the growth of your business?

Being validated by the market as the preferred personal shopping plug-in has been a huge moment for us as well as our partnership with Only The Brave brands and Farfetch.

How has being a woman influenced your leadership style and approach to business?

As a woman in leadership, my approach to business has been significantly influenced by a blend of soft and hard skills. Embracing my soft skills, such as effective communication, and emotional intelligence, has enabled me to connect with my team and stakeholders on a deeper level. My hard skills like strategic planning, financial acumen, and decision-making ensures that I navigate the business landscape with confidence and competence. This combination of soft and hard skills has provided me with a balanced style, allowing me to drive success while nurturing a positive and dynamic organizational culture.

What advice would you give to other women aspiring to start their own businesses?

Starting your own business is an exciting journey, and I encourage all women aspiring to become entrepreneurs to go for it, but it's crucial to embark on this path with both passion and preparation.

Here are some key pieces of advice:
Fuel Your Passion: Make sure you have a deep passion for your business idea.This passion is what will keep you motivated during tough times and inspire others to believe in your vision.

Seek Advice and Learn: Before diving in, gather as much advice as you can. Talk to other entrepreneurs, attend conferences, and read books on business management. Understand the common pitfalls and success strategies in your industry.

Identify What You Admire in Others: Reflect on the qualities you appreciate in people you admire or would like to work with. This helps in building a team that shares your values and vision. Ask yourself why these qualities are important to you and how they would contribute to your business.

How do you prioritize and set goals for your business, and what strategies do you use to achieve them?

1. Set a Big Goal: Start with a big, exciting goal for where you want your business to be in 1, 2, years, or more. Make it something that really excites you.

2. Set sub-goals: Cut that long term goal into smaller bits, quarterly targets. This makes things more doable and gives you clear checkpoints.

3. Keep the Focus: Staying focused is tough but super important. Keep yourself and your team dialed in on these goals. Chat about them often and tweak as you go.

4. Check Your Progress: Regularly check how you're doing. Use things like KPIs or team meetings to see if you're on track and make changes if you need to.

5. Build a Goal-Driven Team: Make sure everyone on your team gets the goals and is all in. Good communication and celebrating wins help a lot.

6. Be Ready to be flexible: Stay focused but be ready to switch things up if the market changes or new chances pop up. Being flexible is key in the biz world.