Exclusive interview with Mirtha Michelle

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself -

I am a Poet, Author and Actress. I am a passionate woman who lives life to fullest. I believe life is about growth and one never stops learning. I am tenacious and go after my dreams regardless of how impossible it may seem. My purpose in everything I do is to inspire and spread love and kindness. 

2. What does a day in the life of Mirtha look like?

Every day is different but I always wake up pretty early. I stay in bed meditating and reading a devotional to begin my day with a bit of faith and then I start answering emails and go through my to do list for that week. I get my workout in around 1pm, then do some more work. I might end my day with dinner with friends or in bed early watching a series.

3. What inspired your latest book, Eighteen Inches?

 Eighteen Inches is the average distance between the heart and the head in adult humans. So the theme of the book is about the power of decisions. After all the decisions we make determine the life we live. I have so many favorites in the book, but the one below is the introductory poem of the book and sets the tone of the book.

“When I asked for growth why was I surprised that I was given rain? When I asked for friendship why was I torn when the weeds were pulled from my flowerbeds? When I asked for courage why did I fear when the day of battle came? When I asked for love why did I cry when I had to face pain?”

4. You’re a 4-time published author, actress, fashionista, and can definitely add “influencer” to that impressive resume of yours! Do you identify with one role more than another?

My writing has definitely been a huge part of my identity because I began expressing myself through writing at such a young age. But I do believe every other role I’ve taken on is a reflection of my soul’s essence.

 5. What has been the biggest change for you during COVID? Positive and negative.

I’ve tried to adapt the best I can. I try not to complain as I know we’re all on the same boat, but the biggest negative change has been not being able to see many of my friends, and going to restaurants in Los Angeles, the city I reside. The most important positive change has been the reminder of what’s truly important, as I was able to quarantine with my family.

 6. How has your style changed during Covid?

I wear less heels. Comfort has been key for me during this time! 

7. What do you think the future of engagement of fashion/influencing will be?

I think the digital space has become extremely valuable, and many influencers have understood the need to adapt to new content creation tools. I think overall people prefer human contact and the physical experience but they rather have a digital experience than none at all. 

 8. What inspires you daily?

Love. Whether it’s love for nature, family, faith, and friends, I believe love is the center of my universe. 

 9. What do you like most about the Ronny Kobo brand?

I love how Ronny’s clothes can feel both feminine yet masculine. Something that fits perfectly with my personality. I am a woman who loves blazers and suits yet I also love a great party dress. I feel the brand expresses how the modern woman dresses.