Ronny Kobo – is celebrated for her exotic prints, flattering shapes and fashion-forward novelty knitwear. Born in Tel Aviv, Ronny’s international upbringing exposed her to universal fashion influences at a young age. Her innate interest in fine art, travel and culture flourished organically in alpha cities like New York, London, Paris and Hong Kong. In sixth grade, Ronny designed her own dress for her cotillion. The project uncovered her talents for choosing fabrics, sketching silhouettes and working with a seamstress. In later years, professional experience at the prestigious Christie’s Auction House and cultural anthropology master’s degree at New York University primed Ronny for her impending career endeavors. Fashion design became the apparent course for her to carry out her creative abilities and entrepreneurial aspirations.

“the woman I design for is confident, worldly and sexy with a fabulous sense of humor and imagination.”

In graduate school, Ronny started an accessories line and ultimately launched Torn by Ronny Kobo, her contemporary women’s fashion line, in 2009. Her startup venture, now sold in over 200 stores, has since blossomed into a lifestyle brand and has expanded to include the Ronny Kobo collection.Together, her lines have attracted an influential following and have become sought-after labels for cosmopolitan women – much like Ronny – across the globe.

Ronny’s bohemian spirit shines through the unpretentious glamour of her clothes. The soulful designer – who speaks English, Hebrew and Spanish – celebrates individuality and passion with romantic and sexy statement pieces. Currently based in New York City, Ronny continues to explore new destinations as an avid traveler and to indulge her endless pursuit of inspiration.